I spend a minimum of an hour with new clients – after that it really depends on the outcome of your first hour, what spirits come through and what I have to pass on to you. 
When working with clients I am 100% honest and the only thing I expect from you is to say “yes” or “no” when I ask questions, I WILL NOT try and feed off you for information as it’s my job to pass it on to you. 
Everything we speak about is 100% confidential and I don’t discuss what we have talked about with anybody. I consider ours a confidential, professional relationship. 
Before you arrive, I will be prepared and will have already contacted spirit and I will have information in front of me. The most I have ever had is 4x A4 pages ready for the reading when one client arrived for the session. 
I have had several readings with Sheldon over the years, from the very first time we met, he has astounded me with the accuracy and clarity of his advice and guidance. 
I have deep gratitude for his ability to connect to my loved ones, as it both comforts and inspires me. 
It’s astonishing the way his gift transcends normal limits, I have myself witnessed messages being given in writing, without the person present and over the phone, via a 3rd person, delivered with Shel’s enthusiasm, compassion and care. 
If you are looking for comfort, clarity or answers to your unanswered questions look no further. 
I can only say from a personal perspective, things I have been given, which at the time seemed impossible, have happened. I am even now, years later mesmerised. 

how often do you have readings 

As a genuine Psychic Medium I would not book to do further sessions for about 12-18 months 

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