Over the many years that I have been learning and maturing my ability I have learnt different methods of doing readings. 

Spirits and Guides 

I always use spirits and guides because it gives me accuracy and the ability to communicate with loved ones. I personally have six guides and gate keeper to help and protect me, and help bring your loved ones closer during the reading. 

Tarot Cards 

I use Tarot cards as people like to see something tangible whilst having a reading. There are literally 100s of different sets of tarot cards available - the set of cards I use is called the Original Rider Waite Tarot deck and I deal them into the Kabbalah spread the tree of life. The Kabbalah spread is like a circle with a cross in the middle and I read the cards start with Past then Present then finish with Future. I then use spirits to help me get an accurate reading of the cards. 

Crystal Ball 

I use a Crystal Ball through mediumship and clairvoyant. A Crystal Ball can be used to help me increase my energy. 

Contact Sheldon 

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