A Chance Meeting with a Psychic 
When I was in my late teens, I took a National Express coach from the North East to London. Whilst on the trip somebody told me that there was “one of those strange woman” downstairs and she can tell your future. Out of curiosity I went down the stairs and a lady was sat at a table on her own so I sat in front of her and said “Go on then tell me my future”. I sat with her for 3 hours and she told me my most intimate secrets and things she could never have known. As she was getting off the coach she said “you have the ability and you need to go an learn how to use it.” 

My First Spiritualist Church 

A few months later I had this overwhelming need to go and find out more about it, so I walked into a spiritualist church in Coventry where I was welcomed with “ do you want a cup of tea” – which won me over! For two and a half years I visited the church 3 or 4 times a week, attending either the psychic circle or development classes. What they taught me over that time has helped me get where I am today spiritually and mentally. 
The church opened the door for me – I had the ability to talk to spirit, but I had no idea how to go about it. What they taught me was the correct way to do readings and communicate the information that I am given (rather than blurting it out and causing offense, as I was somewhat prone to doing at the time!) 
During my time in the church in Coventry I was also shown how to do trance, unconscious trance and transfiguration. This was done in a controlled state as I did rescue work and helped spirits that hadn’t gone over completely and I helped them finish the journey over to the other side. 

Moving On 

I moved closer to Birmingham and for four years spent 6/7 days a week doing individual readings, group booking and Psychic Fayres across the UK. Following this I moved to Bristol to start a sales job, but also wanted to find a spiritualist church that could help me with further development, and found my home in the third one I visited in Melksham. 
At this church I was once again welcomed. I met Peter, who is an amazing medium and teacher, who taught me more about spiritualism and my ability. 
As everyone knows life takes over - I got married and had children, but still spent time doing readings either at my home, or I would travel to do readings for people. 

What Next? 

I lost my uncle (by marriage) in 2014. Recently his sister Doreen, who is one of the top Mediums in New Zealand, contacted me on messenger in March of 2019, asking if she could call. A few days later I had a 2 hour conversation with Doreen and she told me that I should be using my ability again. 
We are now in April of 2019 and this website has been built and I am looking forward to a long future of doing readings and helping people with the loss of loved ones and help people who have loved ones in the spiritual world. 

Contact Sheldon 

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